What our customers have to say about us

Elaine Redhead
I am so impressed with my website It looks great and wasn’t that expensive. I thought it would be really difficult to get it set up, but Adviser Portals did it all for me, from domain address, the design and format set up. Thank you for the stress free experience!
Graeme Inglis
The Adviser Portal Team were very helpful from first contact to the implementation and review stage. Their process is simple and straightforward and their websites deliver all the options a firm could possibly want, we required some bespoke elements which they also helped with. The team were always available and returned my calls and emails swiftly which has enabled our new website to get “up and running” quickly. Having had a few negative experiences in relation to financial adviser website providers in the past their approach makes a refreshing change. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and am delighted to thank them for their help
Chris Newman
Simple and easy to set up, clear explanations and helpful assistance when needed. We finally have an updated web presence that is easy to amend and refresh as needed. It also looks great on all media platforms, and is a breeze to use. Highly recommended.
George E. Davis
I have a career in Marketing stretching back to 1979, having held a variety of senior marketing roles in business ranging from smaller family owned businesses, to US based global corporations. I currently work as a business adviser to a very successful regional IFA firm, who have focused considerable effort of late in developing it’s various websites and social media platforms, with our two main sites developed and managed by Adviser Portals. I the latter part of my career I’ve work with a plethora of third party providers, ad’ agencies, web developers, designers, PR firms etc., and (aside from the various other useful things which AP provide), in terms of our websites, I would have to say that I have rarely worked with a provider that has been as responsive, friendly and helpful as AP. We’ve done a lot of fiddly things to our sites over the last twelve months, and the speed and efficiency of response to anything we have asked for has been exceptional. My thanks to all the staff at AP I’ve dealt with, especially Ashleigh Hughson, who, I must have driven crazy from time to time. Her help has been very much appreciated. Many thanks
Torsten Hart
We used to have an obsolete website which had been an embarrassment for at last five years, but updating it seemed too much of a daunting task and other stuff just got in the way. Then Openwork launched the tool of creating a bespoke website via SmartHub and Adviser Portals. It only took us a couple of hours to set up with the appropriate wording and now we have a professional looking, compliant website which the advisers are proud about and potential recruits are impressed by. We have found Adviser Portals reliable, responsive and good value.
Alex Maclean
Having recommissioned Adviser Portals to upgrade our website we have been delighted with the outcome. The team have gone beyond what we could have expected both in terms of content and service. They have been a pleasure to work with - meeting our many demands in an efficient and professional manner. We would happily recommend Adviser Portals to firms in the financial service industry.